Tuesday, January 6, 2015

{ Better Late Then Never They Say }

My Florida dwelling sister has been after me for a quilt and a pair of knit wool socks for more than a year. This is the girl who only wears flip flop type sandals, is allergic to wool and keeps her AC set at 65 degrees because she's always hot. Every knit sock photo I post on Instagram gets a comment such as...."are those mine?" ..." I'm still waiting for my socks". You get the idea.
Since wool socks would sit in her drawer, I decided to make her a Christmas quilt that could be brought out at the coolest time of the year, and used for 30 days before being tucked away until the next year.
I started early but got distracted with the new house excitement. Quilting was just completed two days before Christmas. She got an IOU for her gift. The label is embroidered and I started hand sewing the binding last night. I'm hoping to have it complete and shipped by next week. Fingers are crossed. Here's a few photos, peeky, peeky. More when she's done. I do hope there's snow when I photograph it.

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  1. It is a beauty! I am glad I am not the only one to get those messages..are these mine? lol