Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Barn Quilts}

Since I started quilting just about a year ago, I've been spending a lot of time online 'google-ing' quilts, quilting, quilt patterns, quilting methods etc. One of my searches brought me to a site called {Barn Quilt Info} , which surprisingly has info on barn quilts. Evidently, barn quilt trails are becoming popular. You pick a state, then a county and drive from place to place photographing the barn quilts which are displayed on the sides of barns and businesses. I found a {blog} where people can post a newly discovered barn quilt so that others can do a drive-by.

Two years ago when I started taking Danny back & forth to Lehigh University, I noticed some very photogenic barns on 78, right before crossing from NJ to PA. One lovely red barn ( is there any other legit color for a barn anyway?) had a cool geometric-looking design hanging on the side, under the eaves. I planned on stopping to photograph it but always forgot on the way back or whizzed right by, swearing under my breath that I had missed it again. Anyway, last week when I picked Danny up from school I made a mental note to stop on the way home to finally photograph what I now knew to be a 'barn quilt'. I pulled off the roadway, carefully backtracking on foot as the semi's flew by. The sun wasn't in the best spot but I did manage to get a decent shot of my first barn quilt.

From what I've read there are a lot of barn quilts scattered around Tennessee. One county that's loaded with them is only an hour away from Steph. I'm guessing we'll be doing a little drive on the 'barn quilt trail' when I go to visit.

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