Monday, January 12, 2015

{ Sister's Choice for My Sister }

Well, she's washed, dried and folded. All ready to be boxed and shipped to her new home in Florida.
I'm so happy with the finished quilt. I enjoyed working with the pattern, Sister's Choice, which I though was an appropriate Christmas quilt design. With the stars and all. And the name,too.
It was a very user friendly pattern and it was free, which makes it even better. I used Moda Bella solids in Christmas Green, Burgundy and Snow. The backing, I can't remember the details. It does blend nicely with Snow and it has pretty Christmassy gold in the print. The quilting was done with a gold thread {love, love, love} in a swirly, ornament pattern. It finished at 54x66.
Photo overload to follow.
A little note about quilt labels. . . . . when I started quilting and I was looking for information on the internet nearly all resources mentioned being sure to label all quilts so that years down the road, maybe even generations later, there would be a history of who made the quilt, when, for whom and for what occasion Up until I made my niece's {Come Sail Away} quilt I had handwritten my labels and attached them using various styles and methods.
This is my second embroidered label and I love throwing in something extra special at the end of the project.
It's not perfect, but it's wrought by my hand.

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