Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Pretty Fabric}

I mentioned in another post that I've been reading a lot of quilting blogs. Almost all of them discuss their 'stash'. It does not refer to something illegal or a drawer full of candy....it refers to their collection of fabrics that are just waiting to be used in a sewing/quilting project. I can understand how a 'stash' is born. Nearly every month several new lines of fabric are released and they are showcased in the most popular online fabric stores. When I first started quilting, I began accumulating fabric. For each collection of precuts and yardage I purchased, I planned a quilt to use them in.  Since I now have a ridiculous amount of fabric, I decided not to purchase any more until I make a quilt with what I already have. It's really been hard. That's why this fat eighth bundle of Friendship by Howard Marcus for Moda is now in my 'stash'. I'm trying....really I am.

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  1. You sound like my mom. Her stash takes up most of her basement. One of the local quilt stores went out of business several months ago and she bought several of their shelves and empty bolts. Her new project is setting up her basement like a quilt store.

    I just shake my head and laugh. :)