Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{ Quilting and knitting don't add inches to my hips }

Besides working on two different knit socks, I've been doing some cookie baking. Two baby showers, Easter, and a communion are all requiring I spend more time with my Kitchen Aid than my Singer. The cookie baking/decorating is fun, and tasty, but I find I'm missing the relaxed state I'm in when I set up the sewing machine and pop a good dvd into the player. I really enjoy quilting, every aspect from the cutting to the binding. Guess I love the final product, a lot. The quilt gifts  are appreciated and loved when they go to their new homes. I have three on deck....one for me, one for my sister as a Christmas gift and the other for my niece's classroom. I really need to find more time to sew.

That said,  here's some of the cookies from last weekend. Inspiration from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle and Lizy B .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{ Weekend Cookie Baking }

We have a new baby in the family. A sweet little boy. I spent some time making cookies this past weekend. This cookie decorating thing is still an ongoing experiment. Some aspects of the decorating process are coming easier to me than others. I definitely have to work on my writing skills.

PS: See the little green heart with yellow polkadots in the front? I dropped it and there's a dent. I didn't catch it before I took the photos. I did switch it with another heart. Just buried that one way underneath the others. {shhhhh}