Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{The Walking Dead Withdrawal}

It's been almost two weeks since the best show on television finished up it's second season. I was a little worried during the first half of this season that the show had gotten a little boring. There was definitely too much character drama and not enough zombie action. Who doesn't like a good hatchet to the head or arrow through an eye socket? (Daryl Dixon is the man!) By the last show, right before the mid season break, my faith in the series was restored. The slaughter (can you actually slaughter something that's already dead?) of the barn walkers and the end to little Sophie's plight was the best cliffhanger ending I've ever seen. I hated having to wait two months to find out what happened afterwards.

February 12th was circled on my calendar, in red of course. That was the big day. My favorite show was coming back and I was ready for it. We had a house full to welcome the walkers back into our lives....for another seven weeks anyway. The show that night,  'Nebraska', was worth the wait. What an ending! (Rick Grimes is the man!)

Add a whole lotta zombie killing action and some live person drama (ok, you do need some of that) and you've got perfection. We lost some good characters this season and some that needed to go. As much as I thought Dale could be a PITA, I felt bad when he died. Well, actually he didn't die. He was attacked by a walker that had been caught in the swamp on Herschel's property and little Carl, the pest, who chooses to wander around unsupervised with Daryl's handgun that he lifted from the saddlebag on the motorcycle, where are his parents anyway, who stumbled across the walker in the swamp and throws rocks at the poor walker, who never did a thing to anyone up to that point then turns chicken shit after pointing the gun at the walker and is unable to pull the trigger, all the while the walker is straining to get at little Carl 'cause he needs a snack and manages to pull one leg free of the swamp and sends little Carl running for home to change his undies. That walker becomes the one who evidently pulled his other leg free and made his way to the farm and ran into poor Dale. That was one strong walker! Poor Dale had his abdomen punctured and guts spilled all because little Carl won't stay put. That kid needed a beating, big time.

When everyone ran to Dale's aid after hearing him scream, little Carl recognized the walker who attacked Dale as his buddy from the swamp.  Now, they couldn't leave Dale lying on the ground, in terrible pain, with his in-test-tines exposed so Daryl does the humane thing.......he puts a bullet in his head. He's so thoughtful and compassionate. So, we said 'good-bye' to Dale in the second to last episode of season 2.

Another time I'll discuss the last episode. This post has brought back so many good memories and made me very emotional.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Pretty Fabric}

I mentioned in another post that I've been reading a lot of quilting blogs. Almost all of them discuss their 'stash'. It does not refer to something illegal or a drawer full of refers to their collection of fabrics that are just waiting to be used in a sewing/quilting project. I can understand how a 'stash' is born. Nearly every month several new lines of fabric are released and they are showcased in the most popular online fabric stores. When I first started quilting, I began accumulating fabric. For each collection of precuts and yardage I purchased, I planned a quilt to use them in.  Since I now have a ridiculous amount of fabric, I decided not to purchase any more until I make a quilt with what I already have. It's really been hard. That's why this fat eighth bundle of Friendship by Howard Marcus for Moda is now in my 'stash'. I'm trying....really I am.

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Call the Doctor, I've Caught Spring Fever}

It's going to be 73 degrees here today. Yesterday, it was 78 degrees!  We broke the record of  77 degrees from way back in 1938. Add to the warm temperature the fact that it's Friday and BAM ! you have a recipe for disaster. I'm sitting at my desk and have no desire to accomplish a darn thing today. I'm surfing {Pinterest}and skulking around my favorite {quilting blogs}. About Pinterest..... in the beginning I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. What was the point of it all, I said.  Then I made the mistake of checking it out and signing up.  Holy crap, one more thing to distract me. I love all the crafty inspiration and lovely quilt eye candy. There are so many talented people.

As I type this, the sun is out and the air coming in through the office windows smells wonderful, which isn't a common thing in Brooklyn. The sidewalks haven't have a chance yet to really heat up and release all the disgusting aromas that have been waiting all winter for liberation. I won't bother to list them for fear making you lose your appetite. So for right now,  I will enjoy this spring longs as it lasts.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Granny Square Quilt Blocks}

I've joined in on the insanity.....Granny Square Quilt Blocks! It seems everyone, everywhere is making these simple but lovely blocks. It all started in January when Jolene at Blue Elephant Stitches posted a Granny Square quilt block tutorial. There are instructions for the block and information on constructing a quilt using the blocks. There are Flickr groups and quilt-alongs all dedicated to these 9 inch lovelies.

When I got the date for Shiela's baby shower I knew I'd like to have a quilt to bring along. This seemed the perfect choice. It's a little mix of traditional and modern. Deciding on fabrics took a little time since we don't officially know the baby's sex. She has made several slips over the past two months. Based on those slips and the choice of decor for the baby's nursery, it's pretty safe to say it's a boy.  Anyway, I decided on Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket. It's a nice mix of blues, greens, corals, gold and reds which should work for either sex.

I finished four blocks last night. I'm going to like this!

{Modern vs. Traditional}

I'm really enjoying quilting. I love choosing fabric and pouring over patterns and blocks. I have so many quilts planned already for this year. Another thing I've been doing is visiting a lot of quilters blogs. I love seeing what people are doing, the color combinations that are popular this season and getting ideas for future quilts.

One thing I have realized after months of scouring quilting blogs is that I definitely prefer traditional quilts over 'modern' quilts. Something about basic star blocks, churn dash blocks, pinwheel blocks....I could go on and on....says 'quilt' to me. I know that some say that the art of quilting had to evolve and the look of modern quilts was the logical step in that evolution. I guess because I've always preferred an old Victorian house with a wraparound porch to a contemporary with glass block, my preference in quilt styles shouldn't be a surprise. I'm certainly not saying I don't appreciate the talent or designs of modern quilters, just that, for now, I will be making quilts with a more traditional look.


Any preferences?

Friday, March 16, 2012

{Project 365+1: Week 10}

We were away in Colorado for most of this week. We had an amazing time with our friends, snowshoeing around the park. The weather was perfect!