Thursday, March 3, 2016

{ First Time for a Log Cabin }

My husband complains that I'm always making things {socks, quilts} for other people and never for him.
I guess it's more of a statement than a complaint. So, I started knitting a pair of socks for him in October figuring I'd give them to him for Christmas. I got the first one done in record time for me and started the second sock. Then I had a finger injury which interrupted my knitting for two and a half months. Major bummer. Second sock is still being worked on ~  it should be done just in time for spring.

Anyway, I decided it was time to make make him a quilt too. So, his Log Cabin quilt jumped the line. I've never made a log cabin block before but I thought that it would work well ~  being a masculine block for a masculine guy ~ as long as the fabrics were masculine too, of course.

I love Primitive Gathering's fabrics so I chose to use Miniature Gatherings.

Just the right amount of MAN, with a little bit of woman thrown in. {After I took this photo I ordered several more 1/2 yard cuts of prints in the line for more variety.}  I love the colors. This quilt will match perfectly in our home.

I began cutting 2" strips of fabrics and sub-cutting them to the sizes specified in the Hope Blooms Log Cabin Block tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop. I was looking for a way to organized 8 sizes of strips. Walmart to the rescue. I picked up these drawer organizers. They work perfectly.


I splurged and ordered the 8" Log Cabin Trim Tool. Two thumbs up for this ruler. It's made the process so easy and accurate. The blocks finish up at a perfect 8 1/2 inches. Even if some of the interior rounds get a little wonky, the finished block will always be square. I'm all for being square.

I made the first six blocks one at a time, then decided to switch it up and work the remaining 62 blocks at the same time. Each stage of block construction happens on each of the remaining blocks. I'm liking it this way.

I've got 5 more pieces to add and all blocks, 64 for the quilt and 4 for a matching pillow, will be complete. Then the fun begins ~ choosing a pattern to assemble them in.

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