Monday, January 19, 2015

{ A New Tropical Home }

The Sister's Choice Christmas quilt made it to sunny Florida on Friday. I got a call from my sister that night saying how much she loves her quilt. I asked for a photo of it when she had the chance. This is what she sent me on Saturday.
I guess it really doesn't matter that this quilt went to live in Florida. The temperature challenged can still appreciate a handmade quilt. Especially when it's made with love.


  1. Hallo Quiltfriend! Understand that your sister was happy to get that Beauty. What a Fantastic job you did! The combination of colours are so nice. Like also the snowy pictures and the contrast to Florida.We are now in our cottage and we´ve got a lot of snow the last week.In Stockholm where we live, we have green winter.What we got in snow, rained away.I have a blog too and if you want to take a look the address is here; Have a Happy Quilt Year! Greetings from Lena in Stockholm,Sweden.

    1. Hi Lena! Thank you so much for the kind words about this quilt. We have had two good snow storms so far this winter. It really is pretty but a lot of work. I will surely go and visit your blog. Have a great day!