Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Modern vs. Traditional}

I'm really enjoying quilting. I love choosing fabric and pouring over patterns and blocks. I have so many quilts planned already for this year. Another thing I've been doing is visiting a lot of quilters blogs. I love seeing what people are doing, the color combinations that are popular this season and getting ideas for future quilts.

One thing I have realized after months of scouring quilting blogs is that I definitely prefer traditional quilts over 'modern' quilts. Something about basic star blocks, churn dash blocks, pinwheel blocks....I could go on and on....says 'quilt' to me. I know that some say that the art of quilting had to evolve and the look of modern quilts was the logical step in that evolution. I guess because I've always preferred an old Victorian house with a wraparound porch to a contemporary with glass block, my preference in quilt styles shouldn't be a surprise. I'm certainly not saying I don't appreciate the talent or designs of modern quilters, just that, for now, I will be making quilts with a more traditional look.


Any preferences?

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