Friday, March 23, 2012

{Call the Doctor, I've Caught Spring Fever}

It's going to be 73 degrees here today. Yesterday, it was 78 degrees!  We broke the record of  77 degrees from way back in 1938. Add to the warm temperature the fact that it's Friday and BAM ! you have a recipe for disaster. I'm sitting at my desk and have no desire to accomplish a darn thing today. I'm surfing {Pinterest}and skulking around my favorite {quilting blogs}. About Pinterest..... in the beginning I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. What was the point of it all, I said.  Then I made the mistake of checking it out and signing up.  Holy crap, one more thing to distract me. I love all the crafty inspiration and lovely quilt eye candy. There are so many talented people.

As I type this, the sun is out and the air coming in through the office windows smells wonderful, which isn't a common thing in Brooklyn. The sidewalks haven't have a chance yet to really heat up and release all the disgusting aromas that have been waiting all winter for liberation. I won't bother to list them for fear making you lose your appetite. So for right now,  I will enjoy this spring longs as it lasts.

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