Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{My First Step into the World of Blogging}

Well......I did it. This is the first official post on {The Sweetest Dreams} blog. I just set up the new template this morning and I'm still working on the customization. I have no idea how this works or how it will work out. It will be a learning process as I go. I still haven't figured out how to post a {photo} yet. I'm hoping to find some helpful instructions to guide me through.

I'm certainly not expecting to have many followers....probably only my {family}. I know I can count on my {sister} to be a regular visitor...can't I? I get a lot of enjoyment reading certain blogs each day. Some I've actually learned from....mainly the {quilting} blogs. There is so much information and inspiration out there.

I hoping this will be a good way to record the goings on around here. Kind of journalish without having all the crossouts I'd inevitably have on my written pages. (Love being able to edit my posts!)  Here we go.......

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