Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{My Camera}

Last night I dreamed about photographing brown bears in Alaska.  I'd love to get back to {Alaska} someday with my new and better camera. The last time I photographed them using the original Canon Digital Rebel. Although the photos were good, I'm sure I'd capture some real arse-kickers with my {50D}. Naturally, the 50D has already been replaced by the 60D but I'm not planning an upgrade anytime soon. I love my {camera}. There's so much flexibility built right in that it's usually a given that the photos will be good.

There's still things I can learn about taking good photos. I occasionally buy a book or take an online seminar to help me improve my photography. I take photos for me and no one else. I feel good when my camera is in my hand and I miss it when I don't pick it up on a regular basis. Of course when we're traveling it's easy to find subjects to photograph. I love {landscapes} and including my {husband} in those photos. For several years now I've been making {photo books} of our trips and an annual "Year in Pictures" book. I love looking back at where we've been and what we've done. If we ever had a natural disaster and had to evacuate, those books, my other photos and my camera would be the first things I'd pack.

Lately I haven't been taking too many photos. There's been nothing important going on recently so the camera's been in it's case. Last June I started a {Project 365}....one photo a day for 365 days. It sounds easy for someone who loves to use the camera, but some days it was difficult finding the picture of the day. I tried to take photos that were representative of our daily life. I managed to complete it on May 31st of this year and since I was scrapping each week as I finished it, the photo book came together quickly. I've looked at it several times since and love it every time. I decided that in January I'll be starting an new {P365}. There's a terrific online community for those of us who take on a P365. Capture Your 365 is a great place to share your daily photo, get inspiration and to ask questions about photography. I think I'll make a point of posting my photos daily this time. P365 will allow me to spend some time each day with the {50D}. That will make me very happy.

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