Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Spools & Flower Girl or Why Did I Buy More Quilt Patterns?}

I've found a lot of free quilt patterns online and have downloaded several that I like and plan to make...someday. There are other patterns that are so pretty that I can't help but purchase them with the hope that the perfect fabric will materialize {ha ha} and I'll create a beauty. 
I have been eyeballing two patterns from Camille at {Thimble Blossoms}. I've already purchased her {Swoon} pattern, which I'm making as a gift. I plan on a second {Swoon} quilt for ME from Bonnie & Camille's {Ruby} fabric line. I love their fabrics.

These are two of Camille's newest patterns:

Photo from Camille's blog {Simplify}

Photo from Camille's blog {Simplify}

This morning I caved and ordered them both. Why not? I'll just add them to my "to do" list, which is ever increasing. I'm hoping someday I'll have all the time I want for my crafty hobbies and these quilts, a drawer full of knit socks, and my stained glass Orca panel will get done. 

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