Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Feed your Dreams, Starve your Fears}

On Friday  May 25th,  I took the plunge.......out of a perfectly good airplane......from 13,500 feet.......with a skydiver buddy in a jumpsuit that said 'student' on it.......and I didn't go splat.

I think I said 'Holy Crap' to myself 10 times before we actually went out of the plane's door. At least I didn't have to get my hands peeled off the door jam. I went quietly. Not one sound crossed my lips until we were free falling for a bit and I realized I wasn't going to die, at least not at that moment. I did my best 'wooooooow' and said nothing else until Mark, my skydive buddy who was not a 'student', pulled the chute and we started drifting around. It was surprisingly quiet up there and we were able to have a conversation.

Danny & Samantha jumped too, but were on the plane after me. Kids have no fear, at least they don't let on that they have any fear. They acted cool and calm. I was kind of hoping to see a teensy weensy sign of panic. They did not all.

How many kids get to skydive with their Mom? Wow, look at that fear on his face.

They both look shaken to the core, don't they? Kids.........

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