Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Strawberry Fields}

Last night I dreamed about strawberries....the plump, red, juicy ones. There's nothing better than those strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Today I received a package I've been waiting for impatiently. It's my first full sized {quilt} back from the quilter! I haven't really had a chance to examine it yet since I'm at work but I did take it out of the box. I'm in love. I used the fabrics from the collection {Strawberry Fields} by {Fig Tree & Co} for Moda. The colors are lovely and soft with a vintage feel. The quilting was done by Carol at The Quilt Studio in Nebraska. I'm so new at this that I never specified what color thread I wanted for the quilting. I figured it would just be done in white. Nope....Carol chose a soft green thread that matches the fabrics beautifully. I'm so happy with it!

Now begins a new adventure....binding. When I made my first traditional quilts that are baby sized, I was able to quilt them simply and bind them the quick & easy way by wrapping extra backing around to the front of the quilt and machine sewing it to the front. This will be the first attempt at making and binding a full sized quilt. I already know that both front and back will be machine stitched. The thought of hand sewing gives me the willies.

I'm not going to post any photos yet. I'm going to wait until the quilt is completely finished. Tonight's plan is to make 312" of 2 1/4" binding. I'll keep you updated.

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