Wednesday, November 2, 2016

{ I Have Quilter's ADD }

I'm really wondering if this condition exists.
Just a two days ago I picked fabric for my next quilt project, 
Sweet Marie by Woodberry Way.
I put a photo up on Instagram showing the pretty 
Vintage Picnic fabric and the pattern.
I even went so far as to iron all my fat quarters in preparation for 
cutting on my next free evening.

Then by last night ,I decided this is a very springy collection of fabrics and since the winter is coming I need to make a winter quilt.

Oh look! I have the perfect alternative. Snowman Gatherings II by Primitive Gatherings.

As of now, this is my next project. I'm going to get started right away so I don't change my mind again.


  1. lol...I think we all do that, all the time. I have at least 20 projects that I still consider "active" because I keep switching which one I'm working on. Your fabric pulls are lovely though! Can't wait to see which one wins out! :)

  2. I don't think you are alone on this one. Fabric choices, patterns, all of that is really determined by what mood we are in when we work on it. Sometimes a good story goes along with the mind-changes too. I think both of your fabric pulls are fantastic! I can't wait to see progress shots.

  3. This is why we buy and build our stash! We cannot run to the store with each passing whim, we only have to look in the closet. Enjoy your winter project.