Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{ Celebrating Father's Day with Cookies }

My husband is always complaining that I make cookies for everyone else but him. He "never gets any cookies". Of course that's not true. I always sneak a few from whatever batch I'm making so he can sample th

I had every intention of making him a special BBQ/Father's Day collection of cookies. I looked around at all the amazing cookie decorators for inspiration, ordered some new cookie cutters and got to work last week, baking and decorating.

There's still a few burps and farts going on with these cookies. I stuck my finger in a beer mug and tried unsuccessfully to fix it and I really need to work on my lettering. I think I need a stiffer royal icing so the letters don't blob together. I'll work on that for the  next batch which I'll be working on next week, Fourth of July & BBQ cookies to take to TN.

{ What happened to quilting and knitting? }
I'm still doing both. I've been working on two pairs of socks and a plus quilt for my niece's classroom. It's almost done and  I'll post some photos after I send it to her. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

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