Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{I'm SWOON-ing again}

Well, last night after my husband abandoned me for the next two days, I pulled out the next SWOON block pieces I cut a week & a half ago, started the next episode of {Breaking Bad} and began sewing. It felt good to set up the sewing table in the living room, the ironing board in the kitchen and not have to worry about blocking the television or access to the kitchen cabinets. I fully intend on leaving it all set up until tomorrow morning which is when my hubbie is expected home. 

Why did it feel like I haven't sewn anything in months? Maybe because I haven't sewn anything in months? At least it seems like months. The SWOON block is coming together quickly. I've done a lot of quilt piecing since I made my first SWOON block last October. I'm much more comfortable following a pattern and more confident in my piecing ability. And, I have a new sewing machine since January. This is my first SWOON block using the new machine which has a 1/4 inch quilting foot.  I'm sure I'm getting a much more precise 1/4 inch seam now. One problem.....I hope that I'm not sewing such accurate seams that this block size doesn't match the block size of the other four I've already completed. I guess I'll know tonight when I finish it.

So, the plan for this evening is to  finish up block five, cut out block six, finish Season 4 of {Breaking Bad} and ignore the sink full of dishes until tomorrow morning.

PS: I didn't make the bed this morning either.....

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