Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Christmas Preparation}

Last night I dreamed about sugar cookies with red & green sprinkles and a large, cold glass of milk. Well, this week will begin the preparation for {Christmas}. I don't decorate as early as some people I know. I'd rather do it all the week before, you know, the pressure makes me work better. Ok, not really. It's just that I have a hard time thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving is cold. Tomorrow we'll go to the market and get our tree. We'll probably set it in it's stand but the decorations won't be added until the weekend. I'm waiting for some deco mesh to arrive from Baton Rouge , LA. I'm going to try something new with the tree decorations this year. I'll post photos if it looks decent.

This weekend I'm also planning the {candy making}. As much as I loved the cookie making when I was a kid, it's not something I'm very good at. The candy making is more fun for me. This year's choices are {English Butter Toffee} and {Peppermint Bark}. I'll do shopping for the ingredients saturday morning and get started right away. The sooner they're done, the sooner I can start picking. So much for the diet for the next two weeks.

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  1. I have to admit, I start planning for Christmas on Boxing Day. :) Christmas is never far from my mind. I inherited that from my Mum and she got it from her Dad. I never met him but had he still been alive, I'm pretty sure that it would be all three of us occupying the same space in the kitchen, arguing over who gets to use the scales/rolling pin/cheese grater first. :) I'll always be grateful to my Mum for passing that love of Christmas on to me and for the fact that the magic never died as I grew up. It just changed.

    I can't name much that I dislike about Christmas. I love the wrapping, the shopping, even writing endless Christmas cards. I love decorating the tree and our snow scene. I had a small Christmas Tree on my desk at work last year, that's now happily planted in the garden. (That's why my main tree can never be a real one; I can't bear to throw them out and I'll end up with an entire garden full of Christmas trees)

    Most of all though, it's the cooking I like best. My mum and I always try something new each Christmas and if it turns out well, it becomes another tradition. We used to buy all our Christmas chocolates and we do still buy quite a few but we make just as many of our own. Last year it was cookie mixes in jars and we really enjoyed those. We enjoyed it even more when the people we gave them to brought us some of the finished product. :) I don't know what we'll be trying this year, but there's plenty of time to find something.